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Long Sleeve Lace A Line Dress from MartOfChina

Review below!( ˘ ³˘)❤

Good evening/day/morning! It’s evening here in Lithuania! 
I’m finally being productive and I made one more review (that I was supposed to make long time ago orz)(`・ω・´)” 
It was super hot here so it was like impossible to dress something with long sleeves ;u;

Let’s hop hop to the review!/(≡・ x ・≡)\

This time I’m reviewing a really cute and fancy looking dress from the MartOfChina! They kindly sponsored me it! >u< At first I failed to pass their “test” but after some time they messaged me and asked to review their product because the post finally got some effect! >u<

Mart of China is a wholesale online shop that sells a huuge variety of clothing. You can find lot’s of beautiful clothes there! And shoes too, of course~ And everything is really cheap. And beautiful.. I want everything ;n;

Well, check the Mart of China and you’ll see yourself! ♥ Also I made a post with some of my favorites from there! Check it out here!



Dresses Style: Elegant
Neckline: Round neck
Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve (it’s more like 3/4 sleeve to me ;u;)
Dresses Silhouette: A Line
Material: Lace
Dresses Length: Mini
Color: Apricot
Price: $
25.01 $17.05! It’s on sale now!

The package came in a little bit (few days) less than a month! I got a tracking number and could track it when it was on the way ouo It came in this really little package and it was neatly folded!

Inside there was a plastic package with a dress inside. They also add cute little free gifts!

I chose it in size S and I’m super happy about it! The dress fits me perfectly.

Few dresses details. It has a zipper in the side!

The front look!

Sadly there were no one home so I had to take mirror selfies >3< 

I give this dress…


I love it! The dress is something that I would wear in the Spring or Autumn! It also is great for parties because it does look fancy! Also lace! I love lace dresses so yeah! I really love it!

And that’s for the review~! Thank you for reading (๑・ω-)~♥”

And for the reminder - this dress is Long Sleeve Lace A Line Dress from MartOfChina! Check it out! <3

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